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    How much does a homicide detective make?

    How much does a homicide detective make?

    How much does a homicide detective make?

    The minimum and maximum salary of a Police Inspector and Detective - from € 1.376,47 to € 3.742,28 per month - 2021.

    How much does a homicide detective make in America?

    In the United States, the median annual salary for all investigators and criminal investigators is $ 78.120, according to official government statistics.

    When do you get a cop in America?

    The basic salary of a simple agent is 43.104 dollars per year (about 32.000 euros): after one year of service this salary is increased to 55.723 dollars (about 41.400 euros), and after 18 months it is further increased to 58.896 dollars (about 43.700 EUR).

    How much does a detective make in Los Angeles?

    LAPD salaries in the Los Angeles, US Area
    Working positionLocationSalary
    Detective Salaries at - 3 salaries reportedLos Angeles, WI, US Area150.722 USD / year
    Officer salaries at - 3 salaries reportedLos Angeles, WI, US Area108.861 USD / year

    How to work as a detective?

    How to become a licensed private investigator
    1. have obtained a three-year degree in political science, law or equivalent;
    2. have worked profitably for at least three years in a detective agency;
    3. having completed a theoretical-practical advanced course;

    How much does an FBI agent make in America?

    After this period, wages range from $ 62.000 to $ 97.000 per year. According to some estimates it is possible to say that the monthly salary of an FBI agent on the first assignment is $ 5500. * The figures are an estimate with the data in the public possession. They are not relevant to the judicial or financial level.

    How much do you have to earn to live well in the USA?

    Of course, a lot depends on the state and / or city to which you want to move: New York or San Francisco are certainly more expensive than Minneapolis, but on average to be able to live and support yourself in America you need to earn at least $ 40 each. year.

    How much does a criminologist take in America?

    The salary of a Criminologist can start from a minimum salary of € 25.000 gross per year, while the maximum salary can exceed € 200.000 gross per year .... How Experience Affects the Salary of a Criminologist.
    Career end▲ + 126%
    Expert▲ + 69%
    Mid Career▲ + 15%
    Average salary€ 38.500 / year
    1 other line

    How much does an investigative criminologist make?

    With 3 years of experience in the field, a criminologist can expect a gross annual salary of 34.000 euros. With 10 years of experience in the role, the average annual salary reaches 44.000 euros while at the end of the career 65.000 euros a year.
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