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    How much do you win with both in the Lotto?

    How much do you win with both in the Lotto?

    How much do you win with both in the Lotto?

    With one both on a single wheel you can win 250 times the bet: that is, by playing 1 Euro you win 250. This is however the case of both straight ones (2 numbers only). The more numbers you play, the more your winnings go down. With 10 numbers you only win 5,56 times the bet.

    How to calculate the Lotto win with Ambetto?

    Calculation of winnings for winning For example, if I play the pair 23 - 45 in ambetto, I win even if they come up 22 - 45 or 23 - 44 (i.e. one of the two numbers accompanied by one of the preceding ones), or 23 - 46 or 24 - 45 (i.e. one of the next two numbers).

    How do you pay Lotto winnings?

    Lotto Win Payment Up to € 543,48: you can collect the prize in any bookshop. Between € 543,48 and € 2.173,92: they can be collected in cash at the betting shop where the bet was made or booked at any point of sale.

    How do you win the lotto with Ambetto?

    To participate in the Ambetto you must play at least two numbers. You win if one of the two numbers played plus the previous or next of the other chosen number (or of the other chosen numbers, if more than one) is drawn.

    How to play lotto on all reels?

    To play the Lotto you need to: Choose from 1 to 10 numbers between 1 and 90. Choose on which of the 11 reels to place your bet. It is possible to bet on more than one wheel .... For example, if you have chosen 35 and 42, you win if the following combinations come up:
    1. 34 and 42.
    2. 35 and 41.
    3. 35 and 43.
    4. 36 and 42.

    What is Ambetto in the lotto game?

    Ambetto is the sort of game that allows you to win even if the numbers close to those played are drawn. ... Winning occurs if at least one of the two numbers played is drawn plus the previous and / or next number of the other numbers played.

    How is Ambetto calculated?

    An example can be quickly given. Suppose we play numbers 26 and 67 on the Naples wheel by betting on the Ambetto. You win if they are drawn on the chosen wheel: 26 + 66.

    How to win a lottery both?

    For example, if you play a 1 euro double on a single wheel, you will have to multiply and then remove the 8%. If, on the other hand, you play a € 1 double on all 10 reels, after subtracting 8%, you must divide by 10. You get the win.

    How to do both on wheel?

    METHOD for BOTH DRY ON WHEEL. Finding three numbers of the same ten on a wheel (preferably consecutive) and at least one of the three numbers must be present on another wheel; play their diameters with closure at 90.
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