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    How much do mushroom bales cost?

    How much do mushroom bales cost?

    How much do mushroom bales cost?

    The price of the mushroom bales varies according to the chosen species and the size and therefore the weight of the mushroom bales. The bales of mushrooms for sale can range from 20 to over 70 euros. There are kits that include multiple bales of mushrooms of the same species and, in this case, the prices are more variable.

    How to grow porcini mushrooms in a greenhouse?

    The cultivation of porcini mushrooms starts through the mycorrhization technique which consists in transferring the roots of the fungus into a soil and creating a symbiotic relationship with other higher plants. The ideal trees for cultivating Porcino are mycorrhized oak and chestnut trees - that is, with Porcino spores -.

    How to start a porcini mushroom cultivation?

    First of all, you must choose a suitable soil and in particular you must favor humid environments around 85% and then with a temperature between 14 and 18 ° C. Mushrooms require normal brightness and not necessarily even direct sun exposure.

    How are mushroom bales made?

    Mushroom balls are nothing more than bales of wheat straw inseminated with mycelium, in this case precisely the variety Pleurotus ostreatus, but there are also other qualities, such as: cornucopia, champignon, pioppini etc.

    How to start a mushroom business?

    The legislation governing the opening of farms is 126/1985, where it is also possible to see which species of marketable mushrooms are. When creating the farm, it is necessary to request a specific authorization to build the mushroom farm, or the greenhouse where the mushrooms will grow.

    When do you buy mushroom bales?

    Availability from September to February approximately. The Golden Mushroom, or Pleurotus Cornucopia, is very similar to the traditional Pleurotus. Depending on when the bales are purchased, they may have mushrooms already at the start or not. Availability from September to February approximately.

    When is the cardoncello mushroom harvested?

    4) The optimal moment for harvesting is when the mushroom cap, first folded down, flattens and at the same time the first whitish spores begin to fall, forming a slight patina on the carpophores.

    How to sell mushrooms?

    The sale of mushrooms must take place in fixed locations (shops or market areas and in any case in specific areas granted in concession by the Municipality itself and therefore the itinerant sale of wild mushrooms is allowed as long as it is not itinerant.

    Where to keep the mushroom bales?

    For the production it is necessary to keep the ballet away from the rays of the sun and the wind, daylight is essential, so do not store in dark rooms. If many bales are grown in the same room, it is therefore advisable to make many air changes during production.
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