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    How much did Cristiano Ronaldo pay Juventus?

    How much did Cristiano Ronaldo pay Juventus?

    How much did Cristiano Ronaldo pay Juventus?

    26,52 million GBP (2022) Cristiano Ronaldo/Stipend

    How much was Cristiano Ronaldo paid?

    Both in terms of engagement with the new team and in terms of sponsorships. What earned us the most, however, was Cristiano Ronaldo who rose to 125 million a year, of which 70 were received by Manchester United (between salary and bonus).

    How many years of contract does Cristiano Ronaldo have with Juve?

    Juventus has signed a four-year sports performance contract with the player until 30 June 2022 ". At 30 million per season.

    How much did Cristiano Ronaldo cost to Real Madrid?

    Updated August 12, 2021 .... List.
    Football playerCristiano Ronaldo
    Da Real Madrid
    Cost (M €)117 €
    Year of birth1985
    49 more columns

    How many shirts has Juve sold?

    Off the podium of the companies that sell the most shirts, here is the ranking from fourth to twentieth position - Bayern Munich (1,2 million jerseys sold), favorite for the Champions League winning odds, Chelsea (899 thousand), Liverpool (852 thousand), Arsenal ( 835 thousand), PSG (526 thousand), Juventus (452 ​​thousand), Borussia Dortmund (...

    How much did Real pay for Ronaldo from Manchester?

    On 11 June 2009, Manchester United announced that they had accepted Real Madrid's offer of 80 million pounds (approximately € 94 million) and therefore authorized the club to negotiate with the player.

    How many shirts has Ronaldo sold?

    Globally, in fact, sales of Ronaldo's jerseys reached 187,1 million pounds, with Messi far behind, at 103,8 million pounds.

    How much does Juve earn from shirts?

    Specifically, sponsorships on t-shirts can be worth hundreds of millions. For example, in the 2020/21 season alone, Juventus will collect 96 million thanks to sponsors Jeep and Adidas. An enormous figure, which places Juventus in ninth place in terms of revenues from jerseys in Europe.

    Where did Ronaldo play before Juve?

    He started his career in the Clube Desportivo Nacional, a football club from Funchal and later joined the youth teams of Sporting Clube de Portugal, where he played for five years. In 2003 he moved to the UK, becoming one of Manchester United's top players.

    How old was Ronaldo at Manchester United?

    The Red Devils present Cr7, returning to Old Trafford after twelve years: "Cristiano, five times winner of the Ballon d'Or, has so far won over 30 important trophies during his career, including five UEFA Champions League titles, four FIFA Club World Cup, seven league titles in England, Spain and ...

    How many shirts has Milan sold?

    For lack of offers, for the current contract, but perhaps also for commercial reasons, given that in the last calendar year 650.000 Rossoneri number 10 shirts were sold in the world.

    Who sells the most soccer jerseys?

    Manchester United The unreachable Man United The jersey with the greatest international appeal, in fact, remains that of Manchester United, which in terms of the number of pieces sold annually, reaches 1 million 750 thousand.

    How many Ronaldo shirts sold?

    In 12 hours, more than 40 million T-shirts were sold. CR7 t-shirts are selling like hot cakes, so much so as to speak of a record reached and broken within 12 hours. No matter where Cristiano Ronaldo plays, his jerseys always sell out.

    How old was Ronaldo at Real?

    Cristiano Ronaldo
    2002 – 2003Sporting Lisbon25 (3)
    2003 – 2009Manchester Utd196 (84)
    2009 – 2018 Real Madrid292 (311)
    2018 – 2021Juventus98 (81)
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