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    How many steps are there in 5 km?

    How many steps are there in 5 km?

    How many steps are there in 5 km?

    At this point, to know the number of steps corresponding to 5 km (= 5.000 m), it is sufficient to carry out a simple division of 5.000: 0,60 = 8.330 steps. So a person shorter than 170 cm, to walk the distance of 5 km, will have to take 8.330 steps.

    How many steps are 2 5 km?

    Two thousand steps are equivalent to a kilometer of walking; about 2.500 steps for people with a smaller step. One pound of body fat equals 3500 calories. On average, it will take about 10.000 steps a day, more or less, to walk five kilometers.

    How many Km are 8000 steps?

    It goes without saying that 8.000 steps, each of which 0,6 m long, correspond to a distance of: 8.000 x 0,6 = 4.800 m = 4,8 km. So, for people shorter than 1,70 m, 8.000 steps correspond to a distance of about 4,8 km, or 4.800 meters.

    How long does it take to walk 5 km?

    well YES those who have never done anything find it difficult to walk 5 km in a row to walk at a decent pace, it means that they will start with half an hour.

    How many steps are 7 km?

    For a person of average height, walking approximately 10.000 steps means walking approximately 7 kilometers. To be more precise, when converting steps into kilometers one should take into account the step length, which is usually related to the height of the person.

    How many Km are 21 thousand steps?

    It goes without saying that 20.000 steps, each 60 cm long, correspond to a distance of: 20.000 x 0,60 = 12.000 m = 12,0 km.

    How many calories are consumed with a 5 km walk?

    Then there is an equation that allows you to calculate more or less how many calories you burn while walking: Energy expenditure = 0,70 * Km traveled * body weight. Therefore, a woman who weighs about 60 kg and who walks at a brisk pace for 5 km will consume about 210 calories for every 5 km traveled.
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