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    How many series of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    How many series of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    How many series of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    Commissioner Ricciardi
    Year2021 - in production
    FormatTV series
    Genderdetective, thriller, historical, fantastic, noir, sentimental

    Where can I see Commissioner Ricciardi again?

    Commissioner Ricciardi - S1E1 - Commissioner Ricciardi - S1E1 - The sense of pain - Video - RaiPlay.

    When can I see the latest episode of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    It ends tonight 1 March with the sixth and final episode, In Fondo al tuo cuore, the highly successful Rai 1 series Il Commissario Ricciardi.

    How did Commissioner Ricciardi's episode end?

    The mystery was revealed only at the end of the episode, the one with which Ricciardi's first season ended: it was the end of love (which actually had never had time to blossom) with Enrica that made the inspector cry. , who had walked away from the man she had fallen in love with looking at him from ...

    Who will Commissioner Ricciardi do?

    Lino Guanciale Lino Guanciale is Commissioner Ricciardi, the criminal Naples of 1930.

    How many episodes are missing at the end of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    How many episodes are planned for Il Commissario Ricciardi, the new TV series broadcast on Rai 1? In all, there are six episodes that Rai will broadcast for six consecutive Mondays (except for program changes) in prime time TV. The premiere will be broadcast on Monday 25 January 2021; the last Monday.

    When is the second episode of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    21.25 Commissioner Ricciardi: The condemnation of blood, the second episode tonight at 21.25 on Rai 1. The second episode of the TV series with Lino Guanciale, Il Commissario Ricciardi, entitled The condemnation of blood, is broadcast tonight at 21.25 on Rai 1. Advances on the plot.

    Who plays Commissioner Ricciardi's fortune teller?

    Naples opens up to the scents of spring, but the most tender of loves becomes the worst of condemnations: Carmela Calise is a fortune-teller-usurer whose death investigates Commissioner Ricciardi.

    Which woman does Commissioner Ricciardi choose?

    Livia Livia meets Commissioner Ricciardi when he solves the mystery of her husband's death. And immediately she senses the interest in her that the dark policeman arouses in her. The woman who will contend with Livia for the heart of the character played on TV by Lino Guanciale is Enrica (Maria Vera Ratti).

    What day is Commissioner Ricciardi on the air?

    Commissioner Ricciardi - Vipera: the plot of the fourth episode aired on February 22nd.

    Who chose Commissioner Ricciardi?

    She is chosen directly by the elderly nanny when she hears her death approaching. She is very reminiscent of her aunt and her only mission in her life is Ricciardi's well-being.

    Who plays Inspector Ricciardi's mother?

    Personally, I was chosen to play Marta Ricciardi, the mother of the protagonist, who is called Luigi Alfredo and is played by Lino Guanciale. I gave birth to this woman who died when she was only 35 years old.

    Who plays Carmela Calise?

    Other performers: Maria Basile (Carmela Calise), Irene Maiorino (Filomena Russo), Marcella Granito (Concetta Iodice), Roberto Caccioppoli (Attilio Romor), Raffaella Anzalone (Emma Serra di Arpaja), Mario Di Fonzo (Tonino Iodice), Concetta Marrocoli (Tonino's mother), Valerio Santoro (Ruggero Serra of Arpaja), Giovanna ...

    Who will be Commissioner Ricciardi's woman?

    nanny Rosa Speaks nanny Rosa (Nunzia Schiano) of "Il Commissario Ricciardi": "Like me, a woman tied to the origins" Among the most loved characters of "Il Commissario Ricciardi", the series taken from the books of Maurizio de Giovanni, there it is definitely Rosa: the nanny of the Ricciardi house who plays the role of a second mother.

    What does Ricciardi viper say?

    At the "Paradiso", an exclusive brothel in the very central Via Chiaia, the most famous prostitute is found dead. ... To Commissioner Ricciardi, who has the terrible gift of seeing the dead killed and listening to their last words, the ghost of Vipera repeats: "my whip, my whip".

    What is the name of the latest episode of Commissioner Ricciardi?

    The cry of the dawn Reviews The cry of the dawn. Last shadow for Commissioner Ricciardi - Maurizio De Giovanni, book - IBS.

    What important phrase comes to Ricciardi's memory as he watches Enrica embroider?

    “It's easy to be together when everything is fine.

    What gesture does Enrica suggest to the commissioner?

    WHAT GESTURE OF ENRICA SUGGESTS THE COMMISSIONER HOW TO ORGANIZE THE INFORMATION HE COLLECTED DURING THE INVESTIGATION? Enrica arranged the dishes in the sink, from the smallest to the largest; the commissioner realized that the information came from the least important to the most important.
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