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    How many seats does San Siro have for a concert?

    How many seats does San Siro have for a concert?

    How many seats does San Siro have for a concert?

    Giuseppe Meazza Stadium
    SoccerMilan Inter
    Seats75 923
    Location map

    What are the best places in San Siro?

    Each ring, in turn, is divided into sectors that differ in different colors: green, red, orange and blue. In each ring a good view is guaranteed but, if you have the possibility to choose, the red sector is certainly the one with the best places for both sporting and musical events.

    In which stadium does Inter play?

    San Siro Stadium International Football Club Milan / Fields / stadiums THE "GIUSEPPE MEAZZA" Named after Giuseppe Meazza, twenty years old at Inter from the 19th and 284 goals scored, the stadium is also known as San Siro, from the name of the neighborhood that hosts it.

    Who played at San Siro?

    It is well known that San Siro has something special. Many, from Robbie Williams to Bruce Springsteen, have in the past described the Meazza as the most beautiful stadium in the world. And also for this reason each live has something unique inside it.

    How many rings are there at San Siro?

    The Giuseppe Meazza stadium in Milan is divided into three main sectors called the first tier (28107 seats), second tier (32366 seats) and third tier (19545 seats).

    How many people were there at the One Direction concert at San Siro?

    120.000 people On June 28th and 29th 2014 - yes, 5 years have already passed - the boy band gathered around 120.000 people at the Meazza who attended two event concerts, which entered the history of pop also for the epic fan action.

    How much does it cost to rent the San Paolo stadium?

    San Paolo Stadium: 900 thousand euros for the rent, the offer of the Municipality.

    How much does it cost to rent the San Siro stadium?

    Considering these revenues, Milan and Inter have spent a total of around 7,5 million euros on the rental of the San Siro in the 2018/19 season. In detail, Milan spent € 3,72 million, while Inter Milan spent € 3,79 million. CALABRIA THIRD LEFT IN ATALANTA-AC MILAN?

    What color is the curve of the inter?

    I do not recommend this sector if you do not like being in the midst of the ultras. The north green curve is historically the Inter curve, so it is free in case AC Milan plays.
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