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    How many people can go shopping in the orange zone?

    How many people can go shopping in the orange zone?

    How many people can go shopping in the orange zone?

    two people Despite the many restrictions, it is allowed to shop in two people, whether you are in the orange or red zone, without risking fines. However, this is permitted unless special local regulations are in place.

    Where to shop in the red zone?

    The latest Dpcm provides that in the red zone, as well as in the orange zone, you cannot leave your municipality of residence without valid reasons (work, study, health, etc.). It would therefore seem forbidden in the red zone to leave one's own municipality to go shopping in another municipality.

    How many people can go shopping in the yellow zone?

    two people There can be a maximum of two people, in addition to those already living together in the destination home. It is possible to bring with you children under 14 (or other children under 14 over whom the same people exercise parental authority) and disabled or non self-sufficient people living together.

    What can be done today?

    • Movements. In the orange zone you can move freely in your municipality of residence or domicile, without the need for self-certification (which instead serves to leave the municipal boundaries). ...
    • Second box. ...
    • Curfew. ...
    • School. ...
    • Open shops. ...
    • Hairdressers and beauticians. ...
    • Bars and restaurants. ...
    • Visits to relatives and friends.

    How many people shopping in the red zone?

    You can do the shopping in two, even in the red zone Therefore it is allowed to shop in two or more people - from the same family or not - without risking fines and other penalties.

    Where can you shop in the orange zone?

    In the orange areas, citizens must remain within their municipality of residence. However, as shopping is a necessity, if there is no supermarket in your municipality, you can move to the nearest municipality.

    What to write on self-certification for uncommon expense?

    What to write in the self-certification To go shopping in another municipality, you must write the place of departure and the place of destination and under "other reasons" indicate that the move was made for shopping. This applies to both the orange and red areas.

    How does it work in the yellow zone?

    Yellow zone: bars, restaurants and shops Unlike the White Zone, which has no limit to the number of seats for each outdoor table and a limit of 6 seats indoors, in the Yellow Zone the limit returns to 4 seats, both outdoors and indoors.

    Who is in the red zone today?

    Therefore, only three regions remain in the red zone: Valle d'Aosta, Sardinia and Puglia. Puglia and Val d'Aosta remain in the red due to the high incidence, higher than the threshold of 250 weekly cases on a hundred thousand inhabitants, while Sardinia has to wait at least another week with a Rt below 1,25.

    When is a zone declared a red zone?

    There is no univocal definition of the red zone but the first red zones that were created in the current epidemic, that of VĂ² Euganeo, or that of Codogno, basically consisted in the creation of an impassable border that prevented entering or exiting the area and which was manned by the forces of ...

    How to get out in the orange zone?

    Out of the ordinary movements: it is allowed to move within one's own municipality, but it is not allowed to move outside it. You can leave your municipality for these reasons: work, urgency, health, visiting relatives and friends, second homes and sporting activities.

    What to write in the self-certification to take a walk?

    Walk outside, perhaps with the dog. In the days of the red zone, a walk is allowed only near home and with self-certification: the motivation to write is "physical activity".

    What to write in the self-certification for travel?

    So what to write about self-certification? Just tick the box "other reasons allowed by current regulations" specifying that the purpose of the move is to go to a relative's home only once for that given day and that you will return home by 22 pm. Otherwise you will have to sleep with him .

    What restrictions in the yellow zone?

    In the yellow zone, the mask is still mandatory on every occasion, whether indoors or outdoors for walking on the street. For two months now, however, in the white zone they are no longer mandatory outside.
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