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    How many liters does the 500 L tank contain?

    How many liters does the 500 L tank contain?

    How many liters does the 500 L tank contain?

    500L (lifting 2017) | 2017
    Volume of the tankAnalytics
    50 liters500L (facelift 2017) | 2017 contains 15 liters more in the fuel tank than the previous generation.

    How big is the 500 L?

    Two models to be replaced in one go (Fiat Idea and Lancia Musa) but with a "weight" name to spend: the Fiat 500L is a compact MPV (length is 415 cm, width is 178 and the height reaches 167 cm) reminiscent of the 500 in the front, characterized by oval lights and the "...

    Come va la 500L Trekking?

    Although sluggish below 2000 rpm and, thanks to the length of sixth gear, rather slow in recovery, the 1.6 HP 105 turbodiesel that equips the Fiat 500L Trekking ensures good performance and makes its voice heard only during acceleration; at a constant pace, however, it is well soundproofed.

    What are the models of the 500L?

    The New 500L Range
    • TOP POINT, 500L SPORT DRIVE. ...

    How's the 500l 1.6 Multijet going?

    Discreet suspension absorption, however not too soft, on rails and cobbles. Not bad the 15,4 km / liter measured. The Fiat 500L is not a car to drive impetuously: the steering, rather reduced, loses precision with increasing speed. And the brakes, not very powerful, are neither well modulated.

    How's the petrol 500l doing?

    In driving, the petrol-powered Fiat 500L 1.4 confirms its quiet nature: quiet and regular in delivery, the 95 HP four-cylinder petrol engine has little grit at low revs but does not lack length.

    What engine does the 500L have?

    The petrol engines are the 1-liter 105 bhp twinair, the 1.400, available in the aspirated 95 bhp or 120 bhp turbocharged version. The 500 L diesels are 1.3 or 1.6 liter multijet engines, respectively of HP, there are then two bi-fuels; with 80 HP CNG and 120 HP LPG.

    How much does the petrol 500L consume?

    The consumption of the Fiat 500L settles on an average of 4,2 - 6,3 l / 100km while the homologation of the engines is Euro 6 D-TEMP with CO2 emissions ranging between 140 g / km and 142 g / km for the petrol engine and between 109 g / km and 122 g / km for diesel engines.

    How much does Fiat 500l km 0 cost?

    SPORT 1.4 159€mtl. 145 g/km (comb.)
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