How many episodes of Temptation Island 2021?

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How many episodes of Temptation Island 2021?

How many episodes of Temptation Island 2021?

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ª 102021

Where does Temptation Island 2021 take place?

The village in question is the Is Morus Relais in the province of Cagliari in Santa Margherita di Pula. Since 2015 the program has been accompanied by the splendid Sardinian landscape, which seems to have all the characteristics to host a program like Temptation Island.

How many episodes of Temptation are there?

32 Temptation Island / Number of episodes

When does the new Temptation Island episode air?

The fourth appointment with Tempation Island awaits us on Monday 19 July: the docu-reality will end with a double appointment.

When will the Temptation episode be broadcast?

The new edition of Temptation Island is preparing to debut with the first episode, Wednesday 30 June 2021 in prime time on Canale5.

What part of Sardinia do Temptation Island make?

We are talking about the Is Morus Relais, a charming hotel located in Santa Margherita di Pula, in the southern part of Sardinia. The complex, divided into several buildings, has been the recording set for Temptation Island for years.

In which part of Sardinia does Temptation Island take place?

The location of Temptation Island and Temptation Island Vip Once again this year the couples are in the south of Sardinia and precisely in Santa Maria di Pula at the Hotel Is Morus Relais. Here are all the coordinates of the Hotel: Is Morus Relais, km 37,40 S. Margherita di Pula - Cagliari - Sardinia - Italy, Tel.
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