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    How long is the mercury thermometer held?

    How long is the mercury thermometer held?

    How long is the mercury thermometer held?

    The most common practice is the axillary detection: the thermometer is placed under the armpit for a time ranging from 3 to 5 minutes. In the case of a mercury thermometer, it must be cooled down before measurement.

    How many minutes do you need to hold the thermometer to measure the fever?

    Breathe through your nose and use your lips to hold the thermometer firmly in place for 3 minutes or until the digital device beeps.

    What are the most accurate fever thermometers?

    All thermometers, regardless of their operation, are able to give a safe response on the real body temperature. Those that come closest to absolute precision are digital thermometers, today also the most used for both adults and children.

    What are the most reliable thermometers?

    • Glass thermometers are some of the most reliable and accurate around. ...
    • Digital thermometers, usually made of plastic, use a display on which the measured temperature is displayed. ...
    • Infrared thermometers measure the heat emitted from surfaces and body cavities.

    What is the best thermometer?

    The Best Fever Thermometers
    1Pic Solution Vedo Family Digital ThermometerSee price on Amazon
    2Beurer FT9 Digital and body thermometer, ...See price on Amazon
    3Infrared Thermometer Digital Thermometer Alarm ...See price on Amazon
    4Infrared Thermometer Digital Thermometer Alarm ...See price on Amazon

    Where can you buy the thermometer?

    Where to buy digital and infrared thermometers online
    1. Amazon. Buy digital baby thermometers and infrared forehead thermometers on the # 1 e-commerce portal. ...
    2. AliExpress. Contactless infrared and digital thermometers are available now for online purchase. ...
    3. eBay. ...
    4. Pharmacosm.

    How is the thermometer placed in the armpit?

    How axillary temperature is measured
    1. Always clean the thermometer before and after use, with soap and water or alcohol. ...
    2. Place the tip of the thermometer in the hollow of the armpit, in contact with dry skin and keep the device with the arm pressed against the body (keeping the elbow against the chest).

    How to download the thermometer now?

    Simply put the thermometer in its case and slip it into a sock with the toe facing down. Spin it quickly for 10 seconds and the thermometer will be completely drained.

    What to do with a fever of 375?

    If the fever is higher than 38.5 ° C in an adult, it is still necessary to stay at home until it has returned below 37.5 ° C, as per ministerial provision (1). The attending physician must be advised, who, if he deems it appropriate, will arrange for a throat swab to be performed.
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