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    How long does Red Friday MediaWorld last?

    How long does Red Friday MediaWorld last?

    How long does Red Friday MediaWorld last?

    This is an online promotion, valid on many technological products and with free delivery of large appliances. MediaWorld has thought of these discounts as a sort of "Summer Black Friday", which however does not last just one day: there is time until July 18 to take advantage.

    How to get the discount at Mediaworld?

    To get the Mediaworld discount codes you must consult the offers in the online shop. In fact, you can take advantage of a voucher by subscribing to the newsletter. You register and receive your code for your first purchase at a discounted price. You can also get Mediaworld discount codes by signing up for the loyalty program.

    How long does Red Friday last?

    Red Friday from Mediaworld had a deadline set for yesterday 11 July 2021, yet the distribution chain has decided to further extend the duration of this initiative until 18 July 2021, introducing particularly interesting offers on a wide range of devices, for discounts on iPhone 12, Huawei ...

    When does Red Friday end?

    MediaWorld Red Friday offers discounts on many other products, of every category and genre, by clicking you can view all the offers. Remember: the promotion ends on July 18th.
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