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    How long can an elderly person live without eating?

    How long can an elderly person live without eating?

    How long can an elderly person live without eating?

    When a patient stops eating and drinking, he usually still lives a few days. However, those who are in better physical condition, or those who ingest some fluids during oral care, may still live for a few weeks.

    How many days can a man go without eating?

    RESEARCH - A human being can resist without drinking and without eating for about a week. The absolute record belongs to the Austrian Andreas Mihavecz who set it, despite him, in 1979 in tragic circumstances, when he did not touch food and water for 18 days.

    Why can't man live without water?

    If man can survive up to fifteen days without food, on the contrary, without water he cannot live more than a few days. In fact, dehydration decreases plasma volume, heart activity, sweating and stamina.

    How long does it take to starve?

    Starvation is a serious reduction in the supply of vitamins, nutrients and energy in general to the human body; it is the most extreme form of malnutrition. In humans, prolonged starvation (over one to two months) causes permanent organ damage and can even lead to death.

    How long does it take to die of thirst?

    In the absence of food, a normal weight individual can survive up to a month on average, but this value is strongly dependent on the quantity of adipose tissue of the person; without water one survives only a few days.

    What happens if you don't drink water for 3 days?

    kidney stones - if you do not drink enough water, the kidneys tend to retain the few fluids introduced into the body and, consequently, the urge to urinate decreases; urine thus becomes more concentrated and increases the risk of kidney stone formation, as well as urinary tract infections.
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