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    How does write a Prisoner work?

    How does write a Prisoner work?

    How does write a Prisoner work?

    Lately on social networks and in particular on Tik Tok a site has been shown, Write a Prisoner, which allows you to get in touch, via email or post, with a real prisoner, choosing him based on age, gender, the place where he is detained and also on the basis of his religion.

    How do you write a letter to an inmate?

    The envelope must be signed in such a way that it is not accidentally seized or lost and indicate its presence in the letter. In the lines relating to the sender must be indicated the data of the person who is in prison and in the line of the recipient - the one who is free.

    How to contact the prisoners?

    Prisoners who want to carry out telephone correspondence must send a written request to the competent Authority, indicating the telephone number and the persons with whom to correspond. Contact is established by the institution's switchboard.

    How does Meet an Inmate work?

    Meet an Inmate works to help temporarily incarcerated males and females not to lose connection with the real world by socializing with other people. When inmates register on the platform, they look for pen pals who will not treat them as second-class citizens.

    What to send to an inmate?

    Persons authorized to interview the prisoner can carry or send packages containing food, clothing and objects for a maximum number of four per month and for a total weight that must not exceed 20 kilograms.

    How many packages can inmates receive?

    Each prisoner can receive a maximum of four packages per month. How much must each package weigh at most? Each package can weigh a maximum of 20 kg. Books, magazines and educational material are excluded from the total weight and are charged separately.

    How can you start a letter?

    Opening formulas
    1. (Dear) Dear Sir / Madam; (Egr.) Dear Sir, Dear Madam (recipient unknown)
    2. Dear Mr. Director / Mrs. President; Dear Doctor Bianchi (known hierarchical level)
    3. Dear (Dear) Management / Company (letters to an Office or a Company)
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