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    How does Dyson incentive work?

    How does Dyson incentive work?

    How does Dyson incentive work?

    The incentive will only be applied to vacuum cleaners belonging to the Dyson V10 range listed below. When purchasing one of the above models, the final consumer immediately receives the incentive of € 80, including VAT, at the cash desk or at the online checkout for purchases made online.

    What is the Dyson Soft Roller Brush for?

    Soft brush roller A brush dedicated to the Dyson V8 vacuum cleaner that is made with a particularly soft roller to clean surfaces without running the risk of scratching or damaging them.

    How much autonomy does the Dyson v11 have?

    60 minutes This broom is fitted with the new 7-cell nickel-cobalt-aluminum battery, already sported by the V10 broom, which guarantees constant suction power until the charge is exhausted and a maximum autonomy of 60 minutes (using the mode "Echo").

    How old does a Dyson battery last?

    The dyson is fantastic and I have been using it for a year without giving it any respite, of course the battery lasts exactly for cleaning the house but if I dwell on the carpets obviously it is not enough. However, the battery always seems to recharge to the maximum even after a year.
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