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    How do you write in the end or finally?

    How do you write in the end or finally?

    How do you write in the end or finally?

    Finally it is an adverb with the meaning of "in conclusion" which admits as synonyms "from last", "to the end", "finally". Although in some cases the detached form is also attested, the correct spelling is finally, that is the attached form in a single word.

    How do you write correctly finally?

    The most common spelling to write this adverb is univerbata (FINALLY).

    How do you spell in order to?

    lawyer [united spelling of the locuz. in order], lett. - [at the end of everything] ≈ at the end, at the end, at the last, at last, at last, at the conclusion, at last, at last.

    What kind of conjunction and finally?

    [finally] adv., cong. cong. textual In short, in conclusion; gives a summary and conclusive value to a sentence with a speech sequence with respect to what was previously said: what is i.

    How do you write in addition?

    / I also / lawyer [lat. in ultra]. - [in addition to what has already been said or already done: I am tired and I also have a headache] ≈ in addition, in addition, in addition to that, moreover, in addition.

    How do you spell in the end attached or detached?

    The adverb alfine is written in univerbal spelling (a whole word) when it stands for finally, finally and the like: the long-awaited day at last arrived; in strictly split spelling when it is valid for the purpose of ...: kind customers are asked to respect their turn in order to avoid a polite refusal.

    What adverb is at the bottom?

    One of these cases is unfounded and deep down. Both forms exist in our vocabulary, but they are not interchangeable, as they have two different meanings. In any case, choosing between the bottom or the bottom is really simple. The correct solution, if you are looking for an adverb, is in fact at the bottom.

    How do you spell Good morning attached or detached?

    Instead, good morning should be written all together when it has the value of a noun: never once my neighbors say good morning to me !; good morning starts in the morning.

    What is the conjunction and for?

    It is used to join words, phrases or propositions together in the context of the same sentence or the same period. It can also be at the beginning of sentences.

    What are conjunctions conjunctions?

    If we classify them on the basis of their form, the conjunctions are divided into: simple: or composed of a single word such as: and, or, but, well, while, how, that, if, indeed, that is, however, and yet, not even. ... conjunctive phrases: if formed by groups of two or three words: even if, since, every time.
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