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    How do you write a notice to condominiums?

    How do you write a notice to condominiums?

    How do you write a notice to condominiums?

    The communication can be made by means of a letter sent to the condominium administrator by registered letter. Inside the notice you will have to enter the start date of the works and the presumed end date of the works.

    Who dirty has to clean?

    CLEANING Every condominium is obliged to guarantee the greatest possible cleanliness of the building and the property and to anyone who gets dirty to immediately clean the dirt caused. ... In the event of absence or illness, the condominiums concerned are required to ensure that someone else fulfills the obligations of their shift.

    How to write a complaint letter to the condominium?

    Write the name, surname and address of the administrator and for information the other names of the condominiums to which it will be sent. Enter the sender's address underneath, aligning it with the left margin, or centering everything on the sheet. While the date usually goes in three lines of the letter.

    Who can write on the condominium notice board?

    The administrator himself can indicate useful numbers on the bulletin board to deal with any eventuality in his absence.

    What to write when doing condominium work?

    How to write a notice to condominiums for renovations
    1. details of the apartment being worked on;
    2. type of refurbishment / maintenance / restructuring work to be carried out (it is not necessary to indicate the administrative qualifications);
    3. start date of the works and presumed completion date;

    Who's dirtying the stairs?

    In accordance with art. 1124 cc 1 paragraph ¬ęThe stairs are maintained and rebuilt by the owners of the various floors they serve. The relative expenditure is divided between them, half according to the value of the individual floors or portions of the floors, and the other half in proportion to the height of each floor above the ground ".

    Who needs to clean the stairs in an apartment building?

    According to the art. 1117 cc the stairs are considered common property and therefore it is up to all condominiums to contribute to cleaning and maintenance. Also included are the external stairs and those on the ground floor with access to the street.
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