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    How do you use the C35 bust?

    How do you use the C35 bust?

    How do you use the C35 bust?

    At the beginning of therapy, people with a low tolerance to compression should wear the C35 corset gradually, avoiding wearing it all day: limit its use to a few hours, take it off to rest while lying down or in any case not letting the back move and therefore wear it again.

    How should the three-point torso be adjusted?

    Rigid corset in prefabricated aluminum adjustable to three points. The anterior supports (sternal and pubic) act with the adjustable dorsal one to bring the spine into hyperextension. Indicated for vertebral crushing, traumatic or not, of the lumbar spine and lower lumbar spine.

    How do you wear a lumbar corset?

    it must be worn following the doctor's instructions to the letter, without acting independently, otherwise you could compromise the therapy and worsen the situation; it must be fastened correctly, tightening it so that it fits snugly without, however, hindering movement or breathing.

    How long does it take to keep the orthopedic corset?

    The purpose of the brace is to correct lateral curvature and rotation by supporting the spine during the growth period in the correct position. The corset should be worn for about 20-22 hours a day.

    How to sit with the torso?

    The sitting position towards the front The center of gravity of the torso is above the part of the legs that protrude. The back is rounded or, if the position is more upright, inclined towards the front.

    How do you wear the Spinomed corset?

    The new design is able to facilitate positioning by both the orthopedic technician and the patient, without compromising functionality, ensuring discretion and effectiveness. Designed to perfectly follow the anatomy of the back, it is worn as if it were a backpack weighing 450 g.

    When does the spine stop growing?

    The growth process is achieved through a series of changes that determine the progressive passage from the characteristics of the newborn to those of the child, to arrive at the typical forms of the adult at the age of 20-22.

    When is it necessary to put the bust?

    The back corset is prescribed when we are in the presence of spinal deformities and consequently corrective support is required.

    How long does it take to heal from a vertebral fracture?

    Vertebral Fracture: Recovery Times In the event of a vertebral fracture, bone repair times are between 6 and 12 weeks.

    How to tell if you have a broken vertebrae?

    Main symptoms of vertebral fractures.
    1. Tingling in the limbs.
    2. Sense of numbness.
    3. Muscle weakness.
    4. Loss of sphincter control.

    How to get out of bed with the bust?

    The way to do it is very simple, you need to perform the following three moves:
    1. stand on your side with your legs bent and place your hand on the upper arm in front of the abdomen.
    2. slide your legs off the bed.
    3. push with the hand in support to lift the torso.

    How to get used to the orthopedic corset?

    Wear a cotton shirt under the corset as close as possible and without side seams (possibly turn the shirt inside out putting the seams on the outside). We recommend using a t-shirt with half sleeves to prevent the corset from coming into contact with the armpits.

    How large does the spine grow?

    In the newborn, the vertebral column constitutes approximately 40% of its height, and continues to increase in size up to about 18 years of age, while maintaining the same proportions both with respect to the body and to the elements that compose it.
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