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    How do you spell as or as much?

    How do you spell as or as much?

    How do you spell as or as much?

    "Inasmuch" is written absolutely detached!

    What does it mean from time to time?

    moment, circumstance, time, occasion, moment. since when: how long; from time to time: every now and then, here and there.

    How is it used when and how much?

    In conclusion, it should be emphasized that "when" is an interrogative adverb; "how much", on the other hand, can also be an interrogative adjective (such as the word "that") or exclamation (the phrases "how much bread did you buy?" and "but how much does it cost!" are a clear example): be careful, therefore , to the analysis exercises ...

    How true or how true is it?

    Hello lodovico83! "What is" is written without apostrophe. "How much is" is written with the apostrophe.

    How long or how long?

    until (or until) cong. - Until, until, until, until when; indicates the persistence of a thing or fact for as long as another thing or fact lasts or a new one does not occur; generally used with the indic mode: f.
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