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    How do you say straight or straight?

    How do you say straight or straight?

    How do you say straight or straight?

    Both spellings are correct. "Straight" is the syncopated form of "right" and has the same meaning and use.

    What is a tip?

    - 1. The right hand, and by extens. the right side, the right side: go straight, keep straight; in the marina, it indicates the right side of the ship or of a boat in general, with respect to those looking towards the bow, and everything on that side: going starboard, starboard anchor, starboard propeller, etc. 2.

    What does it mean to have rights?

    to. Faculty or claim, protected by law, of a specific active or omissive behavior by others (specifically, in juridical language, d.

    What does it mean to shoot him?

    Fig .: incorrect action, carried out treacherously towards someone, generally for personal advantage.

    Why do you say left and right?

    adv., left and right, starboard and left, on both sides and, by extension, all around, everywhere: look to starboard and m .; lead a barrel to starboard and m., blindly. sf [for missing hand ellipses]. - [hand or left side] ≈ and ↔ [→ LEFT (1)]. ▲ Locuz.

    What does it mean to drain the pasta?

    Free vegetables, pasta, rice and other foods from the water or liquid in which they were cooked or washed, pouring them into a perforated container: it's time for self. spaghetti because they are already cooked; you have to s.
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