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    How do you say medieval or medieval?

    How do you say medieval or medieval?

    How do you say medieval or medieval?

    Both spellings of the adjective are correct and allowed. So, the choice is yours!

    How do you say medieval?

    This word, generally used with the adjective value, can be written and pronounced in both ways, even if its compact version, that is medieval, is smoother and easier to pronounce, as well as the most used form.

    What is meant by medieval?

    The concept of the Middle Ages, that is a historical period between antiquity and the contemporary age, was born between the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries in the great crises of the conciliar age, the Renaissance, the Reformation, and expresses the awareness of a political renewal , religious, cultural.

    What is medieval in grammar analysis?

    in grammar, if you mean this, "medioevo" is a compound noun, because it is made up of medio + evo, that is adjective + noun, two words that even by themselves have a complete meaning.

    How are medieval cities structured?

    In addition to the walls, common and characteristic elements of medieval cities were the presence of a cathedral, the market and the palaces of civil power. Often these three elements, which summarized the political and power centers within the city, developed around as many squares.

    What do we mean by the Middle Ages?

    Contemporary historiography, therefore, uses the designation Middle Ages, but without the original negative connotation. According to the most widespread periodization, by Middle Ages we mean the period from 476, the year of the fall of the Roman Empire, to 1492, the discovery of America, which opened a new era.

    What adjective is important?

    Important is a qualifying adjective. Forms by gender and number: important (feminine singular); important (masculine plural); important (plural feminine). »» Synonyms and antonyms of important (relevant, significant, fundamental, considerable, ...)

    When does the early Middle Ages begin?

    476 AD - 1000 AD Early Middle Ages / Times

    Who first used the term middle age?

    Cristoforo Keller In Western historiography the concept of the middle age - the term Middle Ages was used for the first time by the German Cristoforo Keller (Cellarius) in his Historia medii aevi from the time of Constantine to the fall of Constantinople in 1453, published in 1688 - starting from the second half of ...

    Which year marks the transition from the high to the late Middle Ages?

    1492 The Late Middle Ages is a historical subdivision of the medieval period, that is the period of European history and the Mediterranean basin conventionally included between the year 1000 and the discovery of America by Europeans in 1492, preceded by the Early Middle Ages.
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