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    How do you open the Dyson case?

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    How do you open the Dyson case?

    How do you open the Dyson case?

    Firmly press the red canister release button. The container will slide down, cleaning the protective cover as it passes, and the base of the container will open. The canister base will not open if the red canister release button is not fully pressed.

    How to empty the Dyson V11 container?

    Empty the container To carry out this operation, simply position the vacuum cleaner with the container facing the bucket and press the red release button. Once completely emptied, simply close the container door.

    How to reset Dyson V11?

    To reset the unit, turn off the power (using the power button on the remote control or main body), wait 60 seconds and then turn the unit back on.

    How to change the Dyson V11 language?

    At its first use after having fully charged the battery of your vacuum cleaner, press the button in the center of the screen and choose the language to be set on your Dyson V11 Absolute, through this button you can scroll through the cleaning modes choosing the one that suits you best.

    When to change the Dyson filter?

    Dyson Service We recommend replacing the filter every 12 months.

    How long does the Dyson v11 filter last?

    Dyson Service We recommend replacing the filter every 12 months.

    How to clean Dyson v7 filter?

    Wash the filters regularly Rinse under a cold water tap until the water runs clear, no detergents are required. Wring out to remove excess water, lay the filter on its side and allow it to dry (for at least 24 hours) before reinstalling.

    How to contact Dyson support?

    Dyson experts are at your disposal in live chat to guide you through the process. Alternatively, contact Dyson Support at 800976024 for help with resolving the problem.

    How do I know when the Dyson is charged?

    Some batteries are designed with memory effect. So, in the long run, they may not perform as well as they should; to avoid the memory effect, the batteries need to be recharged only when completely discharged.

    How long does Dyson v10 filter last?

    24 hours We recommend letting the filter dry for more than 24 hours in a dry and ventilated place.

    How much do Dyson filters cost?

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    When to change the Dyson V11 filter?

    Dyson Service We recommend replacing the filter every 12 months.

    How long does the battery last on the Dyson V7?

    30 minutes Battery: Rated 8,5 out of 10 As often happens, however, a great power corresponds to a short duration of the charge, in fact the maximum working autonomy of the Dyson V7 Fluffy is only 30 minutes, understood as 30 minutes of use at the minimum power and using the non-motorized vents.

    How does Dyson V7 open?

    Once you have obtained the "swag" you will notice that on one side there is a red button and a spatula useful for the specific cleaning of the filter. To open everything, press the red button firmly and release the opening, as shown in the figure.
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