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    How do you make a plot of land?

    How do you make a plot of land?

    How do you make a plot of land?

    The practical application is much simpler than the statement: when you want to understand if a corner between two walls is squared (or draw a squared angle to create a new wall) just make a mark at 150 cm on a wall, a mark at 200 cm on the other, and measure the distance between the two marks.

    How do you trace a terrain?

    Drawing straight lines To draw a straight line it is sufficient to place two stakes in the ground at its ends (beginning and end) and pull a string between them. By following the course of the string you will be able to create perfectly straight walls, flower beds and pedestrian paths.

    How to team up a wall?

    Take the tape measure, measure the length of each wall and then divide the value by two. Draw a mark at this midpoint. Join each midpoint with that of the opposite wall using pinstripe wire. Tighten the pinstripe thread and then snap it to the center of the room where the midlines will cross.

    What is the purpose of squaring a plot?

    To obtain right angles on the ground, you can use a rudimentary square built by hand with wooden bars respectively 30 cm long; 40; 50. The angle formed by the sides of 30 and 40 cm will be right by virtue of the Pythagorean Theorem already explained in the introduction (fig. 2).

    How is tracking done?

    A roll of mason's rope must be used, which is pulled and provisionally secured over each alignment of the house. As mentioned, and better visible in the image above, the crossed ropes outline the building, identified both from the sides and from the corners perfectly square.

    How is the A4 sheet squared?

    Point the compass, always with an opening of 9 cm, at point 1 (intersection of a bow with a diagonal) and draw a second arc; Repeat what you have just done, pointing the compass (always with an opening of 9 cm) at points 2, 3 and 4.

    How to calculate the out of square of a wall?

    Let's learn to measure the diagonal of an out-of-square angle Now, using the tape measure, we just have to join, with extreme precision, the two points and read the measure of the diagonal. If it is 141,4 cm the two walls are square, if it is different from 141,4 cm the walls are out of square.
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