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    How do you get white skin?

    How do you get white skin?

    How do you get white skin?

    Lemon juice
    1. Cut a lemon and squeeze the juice.
    2. Dilute it with an equal amount of water.
    3. Apply the mix of water and lemon on the face or on any spots to be lightened with a cotton swab.
    4. Leave it on for 15 minutes without ever exposing yourself to the sun.
    5. Rinse well and moisturize the skin with a good cream.

    How to be paler?

    Get a blush brush and talcum powder. Apply the talcum powder on your cheeks and chin as if it were an earth. Your face will reflect the light and therefore it will look paler. Remember to repeat the application after putting on the sunscreen!

    Which colors go well with a fair complexion?

    Pink, peach, brown, even those colors with shades of gold. Greens also go very well always on light shades, avio green, military green are ideal. Red is common to both types, which is a real "highlighter" of the fair complexion regardless of everything.

    How to have a smooth and radiant face?

    How to have smooth and radiant facial skin
    1. Cleaning. It must be done at least once a day. ...
    2. Hydration. When it comes to skin care, hydration is essential. ...
    3. Massage. Applying the cream with a gentle massage is very important to activate its principles.

    What are the names of people with very white skin?

    Albinism represents a group of genetic anomalies inherent in the synthesis of melanin; the term "albinism" derives from the Latin "albus", which means "white". ... "oculus cutaneous albinism": the disease is also generalized in the hair, skin and eyes, with an incidence frequency of 1: 35.000.
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