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    How do you find yourself with glo?

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    How do you find yourself with glo?

    How do you find yourself with glo?

    It is very comfortable and the taste is excellent, I am trying various flavors and I prefer the flavored ones (scarlet in particular), because the "base" taste of tobacco (without pressing the click of the flavor, so to speak) is the most suitable for me , the "tobacco" taste is too strong.

    How much does a pack of glo cigarettes cost?

    € 30 The standard GLO price is € 30, as the Starter Pack for new customers can be purchased with a carton of cartridges for € 60.

    How many shots with glo?

    The average duration of glo ™ hyper + A complete recharge of glo ™ hyper + takes 1-2 hours and guarantees you can use up to 20 consecutive sticks, and thanks to the LED indicator positioned on the device it is possible to check the charging status at any time .

    How are glo cigarettes?

    glo ™ is an alternative to traditional cigarettes, because it is a device that heats the tobacco without burning it *, therefore it produces neither ash * nor a persistent smell of smoke **. Unlike traditional cigarettes in which tobacco burns at 900 °, glo ™ heats it to 260 °.

    How does glo Hyper Plus work?

    How to use
    1. Step 1. Insert the neo ™ stick into the device.
    2. Step 2. STANDARD mode: Press and hold the button 3 seconds until you feel a vibration. ...
    3. Step 3. Wait for the full illumination of the four LEDs and a new vibration to start the session.
    4. Step 4. Bring glo ™ to your lips and suck in gently.

    How much do neo cigarettes cost?

    Thank you!

    Where can you buy the glo cigarette?

    You can buy sticks for your glo ™ hyper + smokeless device directly at the tobacconist's, use the store locator to locate the dealer closest to you.

    How long do neo cigarettes last?

    The sticks have a duration of up to 30 uses. This does not mean that a packet of refills corresponds to as many cigarettes. The stick can only be used once, after heating and the smoke must be removed.

    How long should Glo stay in office?

    2 hours Insert the USB cable into the micro-USB port to charge glo ™ tobacco heater by connecting it to a USB port on the computer or to a USB AC power supply. The state of charge of the battery is indicated by an LED indicator. A full charge takes 1-2 hours.

    Where can i find glo cigarettes?

    You can buy sticks for your glo ™ hyper + smokeless device directly at the tobacconist's, use the store locator to locate the dealer closest to you.

    Where can you smoke glo?

    Electronic cigarette: where can you smoke?
    • inside closed rooms,
    • in state and equal educational institutions,
    • in rehabilitation community schools, juvenile correctional institutions,
    • in employment and vocational training centers.
    14 Bahman 1395 AP

    How much nicotine does Glo contain?

    GLO NEO Black Product without combustion, does not contain nicotine.

    Where can I find the Glo coupon code?

    * The My glo ™ Number is an 8-digit alphanumeric code located on the back of the package. Enter the My glo ™ Number * found on the back of the package and receive a € 5 voucher to spend online plus 2 codes worth € 4,99 each to watch movies and series in streaming.

    What changes from Glo Hyper and Glo Hyper Plus?

    The key difference between a THP and traditional cigarettes lies in the temperature. In fact, once lit, cigarettes reach a combustion temperature of about 900 ° C. Instead, THPs heat the product to much lower temperatures, less than 300 ° C.

    What tastes are there of Glo?

    The taste proposals for glo ™ hyper A first group concerns traditional tobacco: Classic Tobacco, with the aroma of tobacco and a medium-high intensity, while for those looking for a lower intensity there is the Terracotta Tobacco aroma. , finally Golden Tobacco which guarantees maximum balance.

    Come if I smoke le sigarette neo?

    Hold the NEO ™ stick between your lips and gently inhale like a normal cigarette. 20 seconds before the end of each session, three of the four LEDs will turn off to indicate that the session is about to end and, concurrently, there will be a slight vibration. The device turns off automatically.

    Where to buy cigarettes for glo?

    You can buy sticks for your glo ™ hyper + smokeless device directly at the tobacconist's, use the store locator to locate the dealer closest to you.
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