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    How do Conad vouchers work?

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    How do Conad vouchers work?

    How do Conad vouchers work?

    This means, for example, that on an expense of € 6,90 you will not have any Vouchers to spend; if you spend € 15,90 you will receive 1 € 10 voucher; so if you spend € 28,00 you will be given 2 € 10 vouchers, but by adding the purchase of another € 2 school product, the vouchers will immediately become 3.

    How to get Conad discount coupons?

    How to obtain Conad shopping vouchers The procedure for obtaining one or more Conad shopping vouchers is very simple. Just go to, select the area of ​​the portal dedicated to the Conad brand and choose one or more shopping vouchers based on your favorite cut.

    When do Conad 2021 points expire?

    December 31, 2021 The Conad points collection campaign, miPREMIO 2021, will last until December 31, 2021. There will then be time until January 25, 2022 to claim the prizes up for grabs.

    When does the Conad 2021 awards catalog come out?

    1 March 2021 “MiPremio 2021” by Conad: how it works and how to accumulate miPremio points. Conad's 2020 collection has ended. In the meantime, the new points collection dedicated to this 2021 has already started: the 2021 rewards catalog has arrived (available from 1 March 2021) and contains a lot of 100% Made in Italy prizes.

    When do the Conad miPREMIO points expire?

    December 31, 2021 Until December 31, 2021, accumulate points by shopping with Carta Insieme or Carta Insieme Più Conad Card and choose one of the many prizes that Conad has selected for you.
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