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    How big is a plastic glass of milk?

    How big is a plastic glass of milk?

    How big is a plastic glass of milk?

    200 mL Considering that a white plastic cup - like the one shown in the following image - contains about 200 mL of liquid, it is easy to establish that 100 mL of milk corresponds to half a glass. A completely full plastic cup contains approximately 200 mL of milk.

    How to calculate the capacity of a glass?

    Just place the glass on the scale, zero the tare and fill it to the brim with water. The value in grams reported by the balance is equivalent to the capacity in ml of the glass. For example, if the scale shows 210 grams, then the glass capacity is 210 ml.

    How to measure flour with a plastic cup?

    -A pinch corresponds to approximately 1 gram.
    1. flour.
    2. One teaspoon = 10g.
    3. One tablespoon = 20g.
    4. One glass = 120g.

    How many are 200 g of milk in glasses?

    1 table glass of milk = 200 gr. 1 tablespoon of milk or water = 15 gr.

    How to measure the flour with a spoon?

    It is possible to weigh the flour using a table spoon and take into account that a (heaped) spoon contains on average 20 grams of flour (for info: spoon - grams). It is therefore clear that - for example - 100 grams of flour correspond to five heaped tablespoons.

    How many grams in a plastic cup?

    150 g Consider that a spoon is equivalent to 20 g, while a glass corresponds to 150 g.

    How to measure 100 grams of water?

    However, using a simple scale it is possible to measure 100 mL of water. In fact, taking into account that the density of water is approximately 1,0 g / cm3, 100 mL of water corresponds to 100 grams.

    How many are 120ml of water?

    1/2 cup (120ml) is the equivalent of a tennis ball; One cup (250ml) is the size of a baseball, apple or punch X Research source.

    How many glasses are 200 mL of milk?

    1 BREAKFAST CUP corresponds to 250 ml of liquid. 1 TEA CUP corresponds to 1 GLASS and 200 ml of liquid. 1 GLASS corresponds to 10-12 SPOONS and 200 ml of liquid. 1 COFFEE CUP corresponds to 80 ml of liquid.

    How many are 200g in mL?

    200 grams = 200 mL 20 mg in mL.
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